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                          Did you see or Help with The Bemrose Trophy Trial March 12th 2017



          Many thanks to all who helped with the Trial, in any way, even the smallest part.


        Thank you to the Observers, as has been said before it would not happen without you.


         Congratulations to Kevin Stannard for the of organising the trial along with his


                             ‘band’ of persons who set the sections.






Our Trials will be at Victory Quarry

Our Fixtures for the year are on the site and we hope that you will take note of the Dates.



A great deal of time and effort has been spent to get the Quarry back into shape, but the grass was so long and without sufficient help we have given up for now. Would you care to help? We have the equipment



We can offer a full years dates but we need help. Will you come?



We shall have the usual classes for the youths (A.B.C.D.) and the Electrics. Adults will range from Beginners to Experts with the over 40’s and Twin-shocks included.






Things are not looking any better as we are still looking for some person or persons to set out. If you wish to try setting out a trial please get in touch and we will talk about it. You would not just be given the flags and told to get on with it, we would help you find and make the sections.



It would be great to hear from a group of you riders who would be willing to re-vitalise the Club







Club Fixtures




If you would like the Club to continue you should read this!!



This is a summery of the Clubs situation as it is at present compiled by the team who are presently running the Club.





North Derbyshire Youth MCC formally known as Flagg M.C.C. is a long standing East Midlands Centre Motorcycle Club and has been in existence since the 70’s. The heartbeat of the club has been Alan and Ruth Nixon, Harvey Lloyd, Roger Townsend and Alan Critchlow. Under their stewardship the club has run countless trials including E.M.C Youth Championship rounds, and British Youth National Championships, and Twin Shock Championship events.



Normal Club trials are for riders of all abilities with the emphasis being on getting youngsters introduced in to the sport. Adults are also very much catered for from Beginners to Experts.



Many of today’s top riders cut their teeth in the Club’s events, including Richard Timperley, Alexz Wigg, James Toseland, John Shirt, and James Dabill. There many more names we could add to that list.



Sadly time catches up with us all and the Team are looking for someone, or a group of people to take on the running of the club. Setting out sections, with guidance would be the starting point. The current Team would be on hand if needed to give advice and help, to anyone interested. .



It would be an absolute tragedy if the club were to fold. It is an extremely rewarding pastime for someone or some persons interested and prepared to keep the Club running. Incidentally some of the current Team volunteered in 1985! 



The club has the lease on a very good piece of land for their trials at Victory Quarry Doveholes near Buxton, which would be lost if the club folded



If there is anyone out there at all interested or would like further details please get in touch with Alan and Ruth on 01332 559813 or E-mail







Details of our Trials Cups



        Wrangler Cup.




                                                          History of Lee Jeans Cup



                Joe Bloggs Cup  (Details of Origin).




                                              Dave Allsop Cup  (Details of Dave Allsop)

              Bob Lloyd  (Faithful Observer) Who do you recognise in the photograph?


                                      Bumble Cup (Read its History)



            North Derbyshire Cup




                             U.B.U. Shield





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