U.B.U Shield


The Shield was presented to the Club in 1998 by Mr Webzell, formally Managing Director of WRANGLER UK.


As he had all the contacts that Wrangler had been using, he decided to create his own Company selling Jeans and Accessories of a similar quality to those of Wrangler, but at a lower price.


He traded for a number of years and we as retailers sold a large quantity of his ranges, particularly his jeans

where he specialised in large sizes up to 50 waist Jeans. He had many different tops which sold well,



  The picture shows Gareth Salt holding the Shield 2009


The Shield has not been contested every year since it was presented to us but nevertheless it has been won by some of todays top riders such as Alexz Wigg, and Matthew Timperley,

 U,B,U. Shield           

We have lost touch with Mr Webzell and are unsure of his whereabouts but we believe he moved to America to take another

 position with Wrangler Jeans