The History of the Joe Blogg’s Trophies

This was written in 2006


Joe Bloggs, back, in the 80s, was a huge Jeans and Casual wear Company who began to specialize in Boys Girls Modern Casual Wear.


During those years we persuaded them to sponsor the club and they gave us the Joe Bloggs Cup and Shield.


Since then we have held a Trial annually, with the trophies being awarded to the C class winners of the Shield for the normal route and Cup for the harder route.


Former winners are now competing in the A and B National Championships and amongst the Adult National   Championships.



   Joe Bloggs Shield                                                                                              Joe Blogg’s Cup


This years Winners may be found on the result page. Luke Walker who has won the Cup, is well on the way to becoming Centre Champion for 2006, and Jack Butterworth is progressing nicely.




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