Bumble Trophy History


   The Bumble Trophy commemorates Bumble, Mick, and Jill Andrews beloved little dog that died in an unfortunate accident.

Mick presented the Trophy to the Club in 1987 it was then we decided to call it after their pet dog Bumble.


In 1994 Mick gave the Tom Andrews Cup in memory of his father, who was a devoted supporter of the club, and for that matter all trials riders. Tom gave an enormous amount of encouragement to all the riders over many years.


Bumble Cup is for the top Class A rider on the day, and the Tom Andrews Cup goes to the best Adult performance on the day.


In 2000 the Millennium Cup was introduced for the best Class B rider. It was felt that Class B. riders should be encouraged, as the rules regarding age had changed. It now meant that the class covered three years where previously it had been two.


The picture was taken at Burycliffe Quarry Elton on the old crane stand, which, unfortunately, is no longer there. Mick Andrews presented the Bumble Trophy for the first time in 1988 to Tim Hartshorn.


Bella, the Collie, who belonged to the Club Secretary’s family, “adopted” Mick. During the Scottish 6-day Bella would recognize Mick’s voice even if he was half a mile away, and would dash down to greet him!


Traditionally the Bumble Trial takes place on New Years day at Burycliffe Quarry, which is the venue where Mick honed his skills as a boy. Over the 18 years it has only once been cancelled on the day, and the reason, snow and frost making it impossible to get to the venue.


The trial always welcomes new riders. If you should wish to ride the trial or come to help or Observe we are always pleased to see you.


Remember all classes are catered for, the expert to the beginner, both youth and adult. Come along and support us.



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