North Derbyshire Youth Motorcycle Club.


The Wrangler Cup.


In 1985, when my wife and I began secretarial duties for the Club, we were amazed that there was only one trophy in the cupboard. This was a survival from the days when the club was run under the name of. Flagg Youth Motorcycle Club


Having decided that the young riders would like some nice silver ware to display on the mantle piece we set out in search of sponsors who would be willing to provide an annual trophy.


We approached Wrangler Jeans (UK) and they kindly donated this beautiful cup and for a period of time also gave jeans to the youth class winners.


Unfortunately times have changed and we no longer get the support from Wrangler but we still have the Cup.


We hold a trial each year for the trophy. Originally it went to the top Class A Youth rider, in the Wrangler Championship.

But as time passed and we gained more trophies the Championship was dropped, and it seemed that Class B had little in the way of BIG trophies so we decided to present the cup to the top Class B rider. The first Trial for the Cup was held at Victory Quarry near Buxton 1988.


The Quarry, which belongs to Derbyshire County Council, who granted us a licence to use it, was the first venue to be used by the Club back in 1980.

This was when the name changed to North Derbyshire Youth Motorcycle Club from Flagg Youth Motorcycle Club.


Some of the Winners over the Years are:-

2005 James Clayton      2001 Matthew Timperley   1987  Carl Weightman

2004 James Clayton       2000  No Trial                       1986 Simon Tyas

2003 Jake Britton           1999  Matthew Timperley       1985 Harvey Nixon

2002 Thomas Kirby       1989 D.West




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