North Derbyshire Youth M.C.C.


Bob Lloyd who passed away October 14th 2002


The death was announced last week of Bob Lloyd, photographed here having just presented the awards to the North Derbyshire Youth Champions of 1983 at Victory Quarry near Buxton.


Bob served the Club for many years, always present and willing to observe whatever the weather and some days it was at its worst.


We recall him approaching the Quarry, usually dressed as the photograph shows, on the footpath from the A6 Buxton Road.


Bob who in his younger days had been a keen trial rider, was always ready to advise a rider of the best way to approach the section he was observing, whether the advice was wanted or not. Queues and conversation were always part of his section but there was always a fantastic spirit around him.


He provided the Club with spring metal section route markers, which replace the wooden pegs. These are still in use, and are one of the best ways of marking multi coloured section routes


 For those interested. Can you name the riders with the awards? A clue. One is a well-known rider today.


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