North Derbyshire Youth Motorcycle Club


The Dave Allsop Cup.

The photograph shows Dave Allsop just before he presented the Cup to the Club

It will be awarded each year at the Allsop Cup Trial to the best Class A rider on the day


The Dave Allsop Cup was presented to the Club in 2001.


Dave a local Derby Building Contractor has since the age of 8, been mad keen on bikes and owned too many to list. At present he owns the Honda as photographed and his other pride and joy is a Triumph Bonneville


His two passions as a boy were bikes and Cubs (Scouts not bikes). He was and still is a very good and keen Scout, and runs his own Cub Group. Aged 8, Dave was asked to take a N.S.W. Quickly Moped to the scrap-dealers as part of ‘Bob-a-Job week. but could not resist taking the machine home ‘to have a play’.


He eventually got running, and it was on this that he taught himself to ride in the garden of course. He even went home from school at lunchtime to have a go on the bike


His holidays must include a visit to the T.T Races in the Isle of Man, with his bike and wife!


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