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Trials are regarded as possibly the most gentlemanly of motorcycle sports and the discipline itself covers youth riders right through to adults. Some trials include a sidecar class and others cater for bikes that are not so modern such as twinshock and pre-65 machinery. 

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Trialsí riding is not a race, but a test of the riderís balance and machine control over a variety of obstacles. It will include a number of sections, usually designed into a circuit. A circuit may include anything from ten to twenty sections that are ridden between two and five times. Sections could consist of rocky steps, steep decent short, sharp climb or any difficult terrain.  Riders may be required to negotiate tree roots, slippery banks and even a water crossing.


Nearly all sections have dual routes to cater for different levels of riding-ability. With trials there is something for everybody. Trials Allsop 09 005routes can take place on the public highway to link up the sections although most events are held on private land. 

Each section will have an observer or volunteer who notes each rider's individual performance.  Marks can be given for the rider's feet touching the ground, stopping or going backwards.  The rider with the least marks on his scorecard at the end of the event is the winner.



Trials machines are quiet and relatively low powered which makes them easier to ride over obstacles.  Maximum control of the machine is gained by the rider balancing on the foot pegs.  Riders rarely sit down on the machine and therefore the seat is little more than a gesture.


This is just a short resume regarding the sport. If you should be interested you are welcome to contact the Secretary of the Club who will be quite willing to advise you, or answer any of your questions.







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